What is Lemmet?

A "Indent capable" Emmet.

Emmet is written as one line. It is a little complecated. And I found that it is more simple and more visibility that expand Emmet code as multi line and use indent instead of ">" or "+" or "^".

See https://github.com/hwakimoto/lemmet for more information.

How to use?

Copy your Lemmet code from your text editor and paste to Lemmet field and push "Convert to Emmet" button. Then you can get Emmet code.

Lemmet to Emmet converter

div#page1 div.logo ul#navigation li*5>a div#page2 ul#navigation li*3>a


Source code: https://github.com/hwakimoto/lemmet

Copyright: ©2018 Hiroyuki Wakimoto

License: MIT

Contact(Mastodon): @tomoki@vocalodon.net